A commanding Popular critic of Donald Trump has said the party” embraced his cult of personality” after she was ousted in a primary election.

Liz Cheney, 56, was defeated by the political beginner and Trump- backed candidate Harriet Hageman in Wyoming.Liz Cheney
She faced an uphill battle to winre- election after joining the congressional commission probing Mr Trump’s attempts to stick to power. Ms Cheney- formerly a rising star in the party- also suggested to impeach Mr Trump.The primary election in the vastly conservative state stressed the contending bodies of the Republican Party with more traditional conservatives facing off against Trump- backed contenders around the country ahead ofmid- term choices in November.
The result means Ms Cheney, a three- term assemblyman and the eldest son of formerVice- chairman Dick Cheney, will not dispute her seat in the US House of Representatives which she has held since 2017.
It marked another win for Mr Trump, who has backed dozens of contenders ahead of themid- term choices that will determine control of Congress as well as wards and state houses.

Liz Cheney

And those contenders who have repeated his false claims of election fraud in 2020 and defended him amid mounting legal troubles have largely performed well.
” I suppose the Republican Party moment is in truly bad shape,” Ms Cheney told the moment programme on NBC.” The party. embraced Donald Trump( and) embraced his cult of personality.”

Ms Cheney won her primary in 2020 by a wide frame, and she told the programme that she believed she would have been successful again had she repeated Mr Trump’s unwarranted claims of picker fraud.
” That path would have demanded that I accept, that I embrace, that I perpetuate the Big tale,” she said.
Ms Hageman- a 59- time-old counsel who ran to be Wyoming governor in 2018- was tagged by the former president and has said she believed the election he ultimately lost to President Joe Biden was” accoutered “.Liz CheneyIn her win speech, she said the result showed that Republicans will” hold our tagged officers responsible for their conduct” and” dislodge settled politicians”.
Speaking to moment, Ms Cheney said it was” dangerous” to conclude officers who questioned the result of that election and described it as a” red line” that she would continue to repel.
” I am absolutely going to continue this battle,” she said, before covenanting to do” whatever it takes” to stop Mr Trump from returning to the White House.

There had been enterprise in the lead- up to the primary that Ms Cheney was preparing to challenge Mr Trump for the Popular nomination in 2024.”( It) is commodity I’m allowing about and I’ll make a decision in the coming months,” she told moment.
Mr Trump ahead congratulated Ms Hageman on her win in a post on his social media platform, Truth Social.
” Liz Cheney should be lowered of herself, the way she acted, and her spiteful, sanctimonious words and conduct towards others,” he wrote.” Now she can ultimately evaporate into the depths of political oblivion.”


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